Missouri CaseNet

Using Missouri Case Net


What is Missouri CaseNet?

Case Net is a website utilized by the Missouri Courts to allow people to track cases.

What Cases are on CaseNet?

Most county and some city cases are on casenet.

What Ways Can I Search for a Case on CaseNet?

You may search by Litigant Name (name of party), filing date search, case number search, scheduled hearings & trials, and Judgment Index.

Litigant Name Search

This is an easy way to search for a case on casenet.  It does not always allow you to find a case, though.  If the name of the person you are searching for is mispelled, you will not find the case.

You may search in all areas or select the circuit where the case was filed.  This is done by selecting the drop down menu for "search for cases in".  Common Judicial Circuits in the Springfield area include:

  1. 30th:  Benton, Dallas, Hickory, Polk and Webster Counties
  2. 31st:  Greene County
  3. 38th:  Christian County
  4. 39th:  Barry, Lawrence and Stone

You may limit your search to cases filed within a particular year or all years.

You may also select a case type or search all case types.

Filing Date Search

The filing date search allows you to search cases by the date they were filed.  You may search based on the counties listed above and may select all cases or just those pending or those disposed.

Case Number Search

If you know the case number of a case, you may search for it here.

Scheduled Hearings and Trials Search

The schedule hearings and trials search allows you to search a particular county for a Judge's docket or that of an attorney if you know the attorney's bar number.

Judgment Index

The Judgment Index allows you to search for judgments.

What Cities and Counties in the Greene County area are on Case Net?

Counties on casenet that are near Greene County include Greene and all surrounding counties.

Cities that are on casenet include:

  1. In Greene County:  Fair Grove and Willard.
  2. In Christian County:  Billings, Clever and Nixa.
  3. In Webster County:  Marshfield and Rogersville.