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Consequences on Professional License

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Tim has worked both prosecuting and defending individuals with traffic tickets, misdemeanor cases, and felony cases. Tim started his legal career as a prosecuting attorney with the Greene County Prosecutor's Office in Springfield Missouri and since then he has handled countless criminal defense cases from speeding tickets to felonies and was significantly involved in overturning a murder conviction. Whether you’re dealing with a minor traffic ticket or a felony, Tim understands that your case is important and, with his years of experience, he’s here to help you. He offers a Free Case Analysis.


We handle domestic assault, assault, stealing, DWI (driving while intoxicated), DUI (driving under the influence), DWLR (driving while license revoked), DWLS (driving while license suspended), burglary, robbery, murder, fraud, resisting arrest, fraudulent use of a credit or debit device, harassment, stalking, violation of an order of protection, passing a bad check and most other felony cases.


We handle all misdemeanor cases, including: DWI, DUI, driving while intoxicated, DWLS (driving while license suspended), DWLR (driving while license revoked), assault, domestic assault, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, stealing, theft, receiving stolen property, resisting arrest, passing a bad check, MIP (minor in possession), MIC (minor in consumption) and all other misdemeanor cases.


We handle all types of traffic tickets, including: speeding, careless and imprudent driving, DWI, DUI, driving while intoxicated, DWLS (driving while license suspended), DWLR (driving while license revoked), failure to devote attention, exhibition of acceleration, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to stop at a stop light, failure to maintain lane, failure to produce insurance, failure to yield the right of way, no driver's license and all other traffic tickets in Missouri.



He is an amazing lawyer. I am very glad I hired Tim. He fought through this case for me providing the key facts, making sure I was calm listened to me and really showed he cared. He really knows what he is doing.


Very professional and compassionate.


Tim made my legal process so incredibly easy and stress-free. I knew that everything was taken care of by hiring Tim. He kept me informed of all matters and made communication simple and easy. If I ever need to hire another attorney, I wouldn't hesitate to hire Tim again!


Tim did outstanding work on my case. If I ever have another problem where I need legal service I will be contacting your office for representation. "Thanks for your help with everything Tim!


Excellent attorney! Would recommend him to anybody who needs legal representation. Very professional and puts you at ease from beginning. Thanks again Tim.


I went in for a consultation today. It's not easily done, but it only took Tim fifteen minutes to impress me with his incredible amount of knowledge of not only the Statutes, but court and administrative procedure as well.


I was immediately comforted and reassured that I had chosen not only the right attorney in Greene County, but definitely the best and most qualified.


Sometimes we face difficult circumstances in life that tend to create intense worry and disappointment. After meeting with Tim, I was encouraged to learn that with the proper competent representation, the maneuvering of the court system could be managed in a way that would result in my best interests being achieved.


"If you have a legal problem, I would recommend contacting Tim Brown. He is straightforward and honest and easily accessible. It really is great to have someone who not only knows how to make sure everything that can be done on your behalf is done, but also someone who is very good at explaining the process so you understand exactly what is being done to help you. Three different times he has helped me with traffic related offenses and each time he made the process quick and easy--and all three times I ended up with no points on my license, saving me a ton of money on car insurance premiums. I would trust him with any future legal problems because I can tell he understands the law and the legal options available to protect my best interests.


"He is the best! Always made sure I kept calm, assured me when the times got tough and always very accommodating with schedules and financial situations. I'd bet my bottom dollar on Tim!


"Tim is the VERY best. He works hard from the time you hire him until the minute the case is closed. If you're looking for someone that will actually fight for you....he is your guy. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!!!!!!




"Very Artful Negotiator" ""Mr. Brown is very knowledgeable about the family court system. He is a good listener and does his research quickly and thoroughly. I recommended him to a friend who was having ex-spouse trouble. Mr. Brown helped my friend navigate through an extremely difficult legal situation with very satisfactory results. Five Stars!!!


"Knowledgeable, makes it easy for you and gets things done fast." I highly recommend calling Timothy Brown for any legal issues. The first thing I noticed when I called and spoke to Timothy was that he was very knowledgeable and great at explaining everything so that I felt very comfortable with every step of the legal process and what my best options were. Not only was I impressed with his approach, I was also impressed with his prompt follow up and especially how he gets results (I no longer will be getting points added to my license for this incident). I will be calling Timothy Brown if I ever need an attorney again and recommending him to anyone I know who needs a lawyer as I could tell he knows how to get things done because he knows the ins and outs of the legal system." "If you are looking for a good lawyer, call Timothy and tell him about your situation because I guarantee you'll know you foudn the right lawyer by the end of that call. I know I did.